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New Year, New Tour

As new year approaches we are giving a early treat with our tour date for 2022.

The new tour 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 In Search of the Fourth Variant starts in February celebrating 40 years since the release of the Status Quo album 1 + 9 + 8 + 2 with a little added humour. 


The lads have made the best out of 2021 with the lack of rehearsals due to restrictions, hopefully all that will change for 2022. 


On that note we would like to wish you all a very Happy and Safe New Year.

Statease Quo


To Be or Not To Be Tour

After a long nations due to long down the boys are finally back on the road, unfortunately this years gigs will come to a end on December 4th 2021 and the boys will be back out rocking in 2022.

with a successful return and debut at new venue the lads have all received very positive feedback from crowds that were in attendance at both The Railway in Nantwich and The Cosey in Haslington. They will be returning to The Hare and Hounds in December for the final gig of the year as of this writing.

All of us here at Statease Quo hope to see you all rocking with us in the near future.


Boy Are Back in Town

You are reading correctly, the boys are back in town on Sunday 29th August 2021 after being asked by the Railway in Nantwich to Headline the Sunday night of the bank holiday. 

All the lads are so thrilled to be getting back on the stage and rocking out with the crowd once again after a long gruelling Lockdown that has kept them and everyone globally apart since March 2020. 

Already the boys are planning together a rocking set for all the crowd and can't wait to get back rehearsing. 

More dates to be announced asap once we are given the go ahead form the venues and our little Bob as we call him get all preps sorted for the site.

Once again we can't wait to see you there.

Keep on Rocking on.

Statease Quo

Jimmy, Nick, Gaz and Chris


Rocking Out of Lockdown Tour 21/22 To Be or Not To Be

It's been a long while since we at States Quo have been able to give anything positive from the band, with Covid taking over the world and stopping us from being able to play for our followers we are hoping near the end of 2021 will will be able to get back out on the stage and put on a rocking show for you all. We are currently in talks with a couple of venues for gigs later this year but not announcing anything yet until we get a full green light however we will keep you all informed when we get that green light. 


Now with all that said we hope to be back on the stage by end of the year and will look forward to seeing you all at our gigs, it's been way too long and we have missed rocking.  


Due to the on going crisis we are all facing and the announcement that all clubs, Bars etc must close for the forseeable future our gigging calender for the time being is going to be as dodgy as Nick Parfitts Hairline

All being well but highly doubtful at the present moment our next gig should be at the Raven on Saturday 2nd May.

We will keep you updated throughout this process and we look forward to bringing rocking nights to the venues later in the year.

From us all in the band keep safe and lets kick this coronavirus in the arse.

Celebrating 50 Years of Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon

Statease Quo want to help Celebrate 50 years since Status Quo released the album Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon by presenting to you the Ma Kelly's Greasy Tour 2020


Gig Updates

Just a couple of gig updates for Statease Quo, firstly we have a new date and will be making our debut at the Dyers Arms in Leek on 17th July 2020 and our December gig at the Raven in Crewe has now moved from Saturday December 19th to Friday December 18th 2020 

Our Next 3 Gigs


First Gig of 2020

Statease Quo will be playing there first gig of 2020 on January 11th live from the Raven in Crewe, we hope you can join us in kicking our new year off with a great line up of songs we have planned 


Sunday October 27th 2019

Introducing our New members of the band, Jimmy Ellis on lead & vocals, Nick Wilkinson on rhythm & backing vocals and Chris Renshaw on bass & vocals and the returning Gaz Brookes on the Drums. Full bio's available on Band page.









After 3 and a half years Statease Quo made their return on Friday 25th October 2019 live at the Raven in Crewe with a new lineup, new songs and new crowd. The lads have been working really hard since January this year rehearsing every few weeks to bring the crowd a night to remember. Jimmy who plays the part of lead guitarist Francis Rossi dealt with taking the reigns at lead vocalist absolutely superbly, leading the show is never a easy task. Nick who now plays the part of the legendary late Rick Parfitt, powered through the night on rhythm and backing vocals again absolutely superb effort. Now we come to Chris on bass, what can we say he smashed it well and truly. true entertainer and certainly a fantastic bass player, getting the crowd going along with Jimmy while Nick powered out in true Parfitt style. Obviously we can't forget Gaz on the drums, the original member from the first lineup from 2015 - 2016, bringing true sound of all Status Quo drummers from over the years, banging out the songs in true fashion.

All the guys were nervous but excited to get on the stage and it couldn't have been any better for them. The crowd from the Raven were amazing and gave true support to Statease Quo returning to the stage for the first time in 3 and a half years. Feedback after the gig was truly amazing, everyone giving out such positivity to the lads, comments can be seen on the Facebook page and also the feedback from the venue itself on their facebook page.

We will be returning in 2020

For now we here at Statease Quo want to wish everyone a Rocking Christmas and New Year. Thank you all who came out to support our return to the stage and we look forward to rocking out with you all next year.